Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strawberries and Tomatos

I started my balcony garden with a set of six strawberry plants which I bought at a local store. I was surprised how well it worked, even though I never had more than 3 ripe strawberries at a time.
So I thought why not try to grow a plant from the seed. I already had bought a little pack of tomato seeds because they had the funny name "Balkonzauber" (Balcony Magic). Since I wasn't quite sure how successfull I would be with growing plants, I sowed 20 seeds. Every one separately in an old plastic cup. First I punched a hole in the bottom of the cup, then I put the soil in, then the seed - done.

The result was that after 2 weeks 20 tomato plants were growing on my balcony. I was indeed surprised! Since I could only use 2 plants for myself I gave away all other plants to my family and friends. I even but a littel note onto ebay that I am giving away tomatoplants for free. It worked and I didn't have to throw a plant away. Maybe I also inspired someone to start gardening too, which would be a nice idea.

Very soon I had some littel green tomatos but it took forever for them to become red. Of course most of the tomatos were ripe when I was on vacation. So my neighbor was so lucky to harvest them all. For some reason she harvested but didn't water (there must have been some kind of missunderstanding), so unfortunatly the tomatoplants were totally dried out when I came home and I had to throw them away (very very unfortunatly not only the tomatos but also the strawberries and cucumber plants which I will tell you about later). At least I got to eat the last 3 red tomatos that survived on the dry plant.

Next time I will tell you about eggplants and egg-water!

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  1. Hi! Good try in growing your own food ;-) I am writing from KL, Malaysia - just like u, I like to eperiment with seeds at my lil' balcony...
    My jalapeño is bearing fruit :). Hv just sown some seeds for lettuce, chinese cabbage, basil, parsley and coriendar during the weekend. Hope they all will germinate. Can't wait to see them sprouting! Good luck in our gardening. Hv a blessed and exciting week ahead! Cheers, Evelyn - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.