Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eggplants and Egg-Water-Fertilizer

Since Eggplants are one of my favorite veggies, of course I also wanted to try growing them on my balcony.
I am very lucky to have a south facing balcony so it is sunny all day. That is just perfect. I choose seeds from an eggplant that has small fruits. I made the mistake though to have 2 plants in one container. Looking back the container is just to small for 2 plants, so they don't have enough space for their roots and are taking away nutritions from each other. Even though until now I had a harvest of 4 fruits I think I could have had way more.
From mid September on it got colder and I put my eggplants into the littel greenhouse I bought. And it really helped, I have 2 new fruits hanging on theplant right now.

in September

Talking about nurtitions for the plant here a littel tip from me:
How many eggs have you cooked in the last time and how much water did you use? If you want to fertilize your plant in an easy, cheap and organic way you can use the water in which you boiled your eggs. This egg-water is rich in calcium and nutritions. I do it all the time. I always buy organic eggs .Someone told me you could also use the water from boiling potatos. But only if you boil the potatos with the skin on and of course without adding salt to the water! I havent't tried that yet but I will. If you have any tips on fertilizing your plants, leave me a comment!

Next time I will tell you about my cucumber harvest and easy ways to collect water for your plants in your daily household!

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