Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cucumbers need Water

This is a picture of a little cucumber starting to grow. I was really happy because in the beginning the harvest seemed to become a great one. The plant had a lot of little yellow flowers and every flower ment a cucumber. Unfortunaly I had again made the mistake, that I had planted too many plants in a too little container. Cucumber plants need a lot of water and that they took away from each other. So most of the little cucumbers dried out before they were big enough to harvest them.
But next year I will try it again. I will also let the plant climb upwards on a stick instead of just letting it hang down my balcony.

So where to get all the water for the plants from?

This is what I do, instead of just getting it out of the tap.
1. Outdoors. I try to collect rain water in a bucket on my balcony. My balcony has a roof though, which makes it kinda hard.
2. Bathroom. The shower is the place where I collect most of my water for the plants. I am a wimp and hate cold showers. But the water always has to run for a while until it gets hot. So I always have a bucket in my bathroom to collect the water for the plants. This way it is not wasted.
3. Kitchen.  In the kitchen you can easyly collect water. The eggwater I have already mentioned in the post before. Another way is to collect the water from washing fruits and veggies. For that I use a bowl like this

The bowl has a plastic strainer in it. While washing my veggies the water runs trough it into the bowl. The water is a littel muddy though so I always mix it with the water from the shower.

By the way flowers don't like water straight from the tap. It is too cold and often has chlorine and lime in it. So what you can do is fill your watering bottle and let the water settle over night. The next day the chlorine has evaporated, the lime has descended to the ground of the bottle and the water has room temperature.

Do you have anymore tips how to collect water in your household? Let me know, leave me a post!

Next time I will let you know about my recent project the "winter-windowsill-herb-garden" and a super easy way to build a littel greenhouse!

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